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  • Insurance & Payment


    I am in the network for:

    • SunLife
    • GreenShield Canada
    • Medavie Blue Cross
    • SSQ Insurance
    • Empire Life

    That said, please contact your insurance provider to verify how your plan compensates for psychotherapy or counselling services and providers because each person’s plan is different.

    If you have a different insurer than those listed above, services might still be covered in full or in part, so you can check with them. 

    If you are in Ontario, usually the services of a “Registered Psychotherapist” are covered. If you are in Alberta, the services of a “Canadian Certified Counsellor” or “Counselling Therapist” are sometimes covered.

    Fees / Payment

    The fee for a 50-minute virtual session is $140.00.

    The fee for a 50-minute in-person session (available in Calgary) is $170.00.

    Payment is generally by e-transfer. If you prefer cash of cheque, let me know and I will try to accommodate.

    I recognize credit cards are convenient, but most of the processing companies collect customer data and store it outside of Canada, and I don’t consider that best practices for my psychotherapy / counselling practice; that said if this is a barrier to service access for you, let me know and we can discuss.