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  • Ongoing Counselling

    Many of my clients initially seek therapy for specific reasons — they feel stressed or anxious, they are frustrated by a challenging relationship, they want to improve in their communications, they want to improve at work, they want to reduce the impact of the past on the present, etc. Once they are feeling better about their initial issue — perhaps with having had a chance to identify and explore their own thoughts and feelings out loud, and decide on a direction accordingly, and/or perhaps having learned new psychotherapy tools and strategies to work through their issues — many continue to benefit from the strong psychotherapy bond that was created, and continue with sessions regularly or from time to time, knowing that they have a solid, reliable, objective, intelligent and professional person to talk to about the inevitable ups and downs of life. I greatly appreciate the trust they place in me for this role, and I always strive to assist my clients as best I can in their ongoing quest for happier and more fulfilling lives.